Grades 6-8

Middle School provides an opportunity for increased academic rigor, leadership development, and social and emotional development.  Students at middle school learn to balance extra-curricular activities and homework.  They are learning to adjust to changing classes, different teachers, and an increased workload.  They provide leadership in the school by serving as mentors to younger students, assisting with service projects, and serving at Mass during the week and on Sundays.  Students continue their faith formation by having Religion classes daily.  They are increasing their knowledge of science through hands-on activities and labs.  They are developing algebraic thinking and using math to solve problems.   Texas, US, and World History are taught and students also are learning geography skills.  Literature, grammar, and writing are becoming more refined.  Students are engaged in learning Keyboarding skills, Spanish, Art, and Research Skills.

Students in Middle School are preparing for High School Entrance Placement Exams and work with the Counselor to complete applications in a timely manner.

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