2nd Grade

Second Grade builds on the students’ base knowledge as they are prepared to become self-sufficient learners. The students learn in a Christ-centered atmosphere in which they are always mindful of God’s presence in the classroom and in their lives. Student progress is reported each nine weeks and Parent/Teacher/Student conferences are held twice a year.

Language Arts
Second Grade Language Arts instruction utilizes a combination of phonics instruction as well as a guided reading approach for teaching literacy skills. Through the language arts programs, the students strengthen their reading skills and develop their writing into organized thoughts and well structured paragraphs using proper grammar and punctuation. We also continue to practice handwriting skills and have a brief introduction to cursive handwriting.

The mathematics curriculum incorporates all strands of mathematics. Instruction moves children from concrete to abstract, from physical objects to symbolic representations. The mathematics curriculum utilizes the Math in My World textbook. Students continue to review addition and subtraction and build on this knowledge to solve more challenging problems. The students begin to learn multiplication tables and solve simple division problems. Students also learn measurement, money, time and geometry. Problem solving strategies are used that will teach the students to apply math skills to everyday life.

Second Grade Science explores a variety of topics in each of the following disciplines: Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science. The students learn through reading, observing, and hands-on activities. They learn to observe, hypothesize, test, and analyze problems as they become experts in thinking scientifically. Field trips are planned to supplement the curriculum.

Social Studies
The Social Studies program covers various topics in the areas of: Citizenship, Economics, History, Government, Geography, Sociology, Technology, and Current Events. The students learn the importance of societal influences on their daily lives and learn to become responsible citizens in our society.

Second Grade Religion class is very important at CCCS as students prepare for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist. Students learn the love and mercy of God and the importance of their relationship with Jesus. They learn traditional Catholic prayers, open each day with prayer, and participate in a weekly all-school Mass, usually sitting with sixth grade Mass partners.

Fine Arts
In music, students use singing as a valuable tool for communication, expression, and worship. Each student learns the enjoyment of music both as a listener and participant. Rhythm instruments are an integral part of the program. Students perform on special occasions.

Students receive art instruction weekly. The children use a variety of media and techniques and are encouraged to express themselves through many creative processes.

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