Kindergarten at RCS is a full-day program that is designed to create self-motivated, responsible learners within a developmentally appropriate curriculum. The program’s goal is to instill a love for life long learning in each child. It is a program that enhances the spiritual, social, intellectual, and physical development of each child, by providing hands-on purposeful and meaningful learning activities that allow the child an opportunity to explore and learn at their own pace.

Children participate in daily “circle time”, as well as school wide opening prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. In the kindergarten room, there are learning centers which include dramatic play, blocks, library, math, language arts, science, and art. Each day, the children work on assigned tasks in each of the learning centers and are called to the lesson table in small groups with the teacher for language and math activities. They learn letter recognition and letter sounds through the use of phonics instruction. Children begin to recognize sight words and engage in shared reading and writing experiences. Science and Social Studies skills and concepts are taught through whole group lessons accompanied with some type of hands-on activity or experiment. Kindergarten students are growing at a rapid pace and do take some time out for rest, which we refer to as quiet time.

Our school fosters a partnership between parents and teachers by encouraging parents to participate in ongoing activities within the established routines, special events, field trips, and parties. We recognize that the primary educators of our children are the parents. We recognize that excellent communication between home and school are essential for continuity between home and school. There is daily conduct and homework is sent home each day to inform parents. Parents also receive a monthly newsletter.

The kindergarten day also offers other learning opportunities such as music, religion, and outdoor play.

Students have a daily religion lesson during which Catholic values and beliefs are taught. Students participate in age-appropriate lessons focused on God’s love for each of them. We wish for each child to recognize that he/she is a masterpiece created by God and that as such they are a contributing force in their classroom and school community. Students open each school day with prayer, attend an all-school Mass every Tuesday, and end each school day with a closing prayer.

Fine Arts
Music classes are designed so that all children sing and participate. Music is taught in their classroom once a week. Students learn songs and simple dances.

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