Providing a Private, Catholic Education to Houston Families since 1937.

Resurrection Catholic School is located in Denver Harbor on the city’s far East side just off Interstate 10. We are located at the corner of Majestic and Market Streets. The original building of Resurrection Catholic School was completed in the summer of 1937. Before the end of July of the same summer, Father Henry Parmentier obtained four Sisters of St. Mary from Fort Worth to staff the school.

The school was blessed and dedicated by Bishop C.E. Byrne, Bishop of Galveston, on Sunday, September 12, 1937. Registration and the opening for full day sessions began the following day. The school was prepared to receive seventy pupils but within the first week the number rose to ninety-five. By 1947 enrollment had passed the two hundred mark and by 1952 it had risen to over three hundred. According to the school records, 1959 was a peak year with four hundred eighty-one students. Plans were made and a new building was finished and dedicated in 1962 with eight classrooms, restroom facilities, a library, and a teacher’s lounge.

In 2007, Father Abelardo Cobos was assigned Pastor of Resurrection Catholic Community and the school was at risk of closing. After seeing the need and the impact that this school had on the community, Fr. Cobos, by the guidance of the Holy Spirit and with the help of Principal Mr. Danny Brogee, together worked diligently to save Resurrection School from closing its doors. Today, Fr. Oscar, the school administrator and staff at Resurrection continues to strive in bringing enrollment back to full capacity and to provide students with a 21st-century education.

Sisters of St. Mary Namur. We are very grateful to them for helping establish Resurrection and help us become what we are today! For more information on the Sisters of St. Mary Namur, please visit their website here.

Prince of Peace Catholic Church As our sister parish, Prince of Peace helps us out tremendously. Not only do they provide financial assistance, but they also provide volunteers that help us throughout the school year.

The Marian Servants of the Incarnate Wisdom®- The Marian Servants were invited by Fr. Cobos to enrich the already solid religious foundation of provided by the school. They provide praise and worship services, retreats for both students and staff, mentoring to “at risk” students throughout the school year, and financial support with tuition assistance.

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